The Touch Lab at Refreshing Rain:

We also offer Massage Instruction for lay people. Come learn how to give a massage to your loved ones. This is hands on learning. We will be wearing masks and observing social distancing according to state directives. Classes will be for families or people within the circle of daily activites.

Classes are from 1-4 people

Beginners, Intro to touch: 3 – 4 hr class, one hour instruction and 2 hrs facilitated practice (4hr – $320 1-4 people)

Grounding, Centering, Aligning


Setting the Healing Intention

Conversations around touch and healthy boundaries
Who is this for? Who is Giving, who is Receiving, Who is Getting, Who is Taking….

Intermediate Lessons, mix and match classes to build your massage arsenal

How to give a relaxing Back massage
(3hrs- $250/

How to give a stress reducing Scalp massage
(2hrs – $125)

How to give a soothing Foot treatment
(2hrs – $125)

Put it all together,
How to give a Full Body relaxation massage
(4 hrs – $320/ class, 1-4 people)

Advanced Lessons,

Introduction to Pain, and the relief of…

Working into the shoulders, freeing the wings

Neck Relief. Massaging and gently stretching the neck

Low back massage, relieve the pain

Hips and gluts, lets get unstuck and back to moving

Facilitated Practice Sessions: bring a practice partner or we will provide one for you….

1 hr – $50

2 hr – $100

3 hr – $150

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